Albert Braut Tjaaland, Haaland’s cousin,makes debut in Norway at 16

Albert Braut Tjaaland made his debut with Bryne FK despite being just 16. This is the same team that the Borussia Dortmund star took his first steps for.

Albert Braut Tjaaland , Erling Haaland Cousin

At the weekend a curious debut took place in a friendly match in Norway. The so far unknown Albert Braut Tjaaland, at just 16, got his first minutes for Bryne FK, of the Norwegian 3rd division.

The name might not say much to the fans, but he is Erling Braut Haaland’s cousin, the prodigy of Scandanavian football and new star of Borussia Dortmund, where he coverts nearly every ball he touches into a goal.

Like Haaland, who made his debut at 15, Tjaaland made his debut at 16, which speaks volumes about his potential and the good family genes.

It is his cousin through the Borussia Dortmund attacker’s mum and he also has great physical power. He is fast for his age and is also tall, despite him still developing.

His great goalscoring numbers in the youth teams have allowed him to make his debut so young. He was obviously asked about his cousin: “He is a great inspiration for me. It is surprising what he has done until now and what he can do in every match”.

“For me, it is a dream to play with the first team. I didn’t expect to make my debut so soon, just a month after turning 16″, Tjalaand added to ‘VG’.

The scoring stats of this young prodigy are 30 goals in 22 matches in a season and 34 in 15 when he was even younger.

Taking into account that Haaland took 422 minutes to score his first first-team goal, it remains to be seen when his cousin will achieve it. May the big European teams take note…


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