Calls For A Match-Fixing Investigation After Colombian Side Union Magdalena Are Promoted In The Most Suspicious Way

Unión played Llaneros away from home and were 1-0 down courtesy of a strike from Diego Echeverri in the 81st minute.

But then Unión struck in the 95th and 96th minute to turn the game around completely and achieved promotion to the DIMAYOR at the expense of Fortaleza, who lost 2-1 to last-placed Bogata.

Ethan Gonzalez levelled matters and then straight away, Jonathan Segura bagged the winner.

Yet for both goals, Llaneros made minimal attempts to tackle their opponents and more or less let them score.

It was only the goalkeeper who actually attempted to thwart the attackers.

It was incredibly controversial stuff that is taking Colombian football by storm.

With the pair of dubious goals, as well as the outcome that they brought, the professional footballers’ association ACOLFUTPRO in Colombia have urged for the authorities to look into the matter.

“Given the cloak of doubt that the result of the match between @ClubLlanerosFC and @UnionMagdalena has generated, we ask the disciplinary commission of the @Dimayor to carry out a rigorous investigation as soon as possible,” a tweet read.

Llaneros players were booed by fans, with one even shouting, “How much money did they give you son of a b***hes?”

The club have said they will launch an “internal investigation” and would have no issue with the disciplinary commission also looking into the events.

Juventus star Juan Cuadrado, who is one of the most famous Colombian players, said the final goal showed “a lack of respect” – while compatriot Mateus Uribe weighed in and branded the scenes “an embarrassment for Colombian football.”



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