In 1998 AC Milan almost sign Xavi Hernandez


It’s 1998 and in Barcelona B midfield, a young talent from Cantera, just 18 years old, named Xavi Hernandez. The player still can’t make the first team permanently because of so much competition: Adriano Galliani smells the shot and prepares a monstrous offer for a player with the future insured. According to Marca Milan offers 250 million pesetas to Barcelona and a villa, a five-year contract and a job for the father, but above all a first-team place to young Xavi.

An offer that very attracts the boy’s father, but it’s the mother, a huge Barcelona fan, to oppose it categoryically: she threatens to divorce her husband if Xavi was tempted to leave Blaugrana. Since that episode the story speaks itself 8 Spanish championships, 3 Spanish Cups, 6 Spanish Super Cups, 4 Champions League, 4 European Super Cups and 3 Club World Cups with the same shirt. The one from Barcelona.


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