Lewandowski: “I am unsatisfied with the Ballon d´or choice!” What the Bayern star really thinks about Messi’s praise …

The disappointment at the Ballon d’Or!

Robert Lewandowski expressed his thoughts about the ballon d’or ceremony for the first time.

lewandowski ballon d,or

In an interview with the Polish TV broadcaster “Kanale Sportowym” he revealed on the program “Moc Futbolu”:

“Deep down I felt a sadness that didn’t last a day or two, but rather longer, and I’m glad that we didn’t have a game that week at that time. “

The Bayern star finished second behind Lionel Messi, who won his seventh world football title in Paris at the end of November. Even Messi heaped praise on Lewandowski. Accepting his award, he told the striker:

“It’s an honor to fight with you. You deserve your Ballon d’Or. Last year everyone agreed that you were the winner,” adding, “I think France Football should give you your Ballon d’Or. You should have it in your house.”

Lewy on Messi’s statements: “I hope his statement was honest, not just empty words.”

The choice gnaws at Lewandowski, he also admits: “I can’t say that I’m satisfied. But on the contrary. I am unsatisfied with the choice. You’re so close and fighting for position with a great player like Messi and then you get the comments that you deserve the award. Of course I respect the way Messi plays, what he has achieved and his high level, but the simple fact that I can fight with him for the award is an indicator of my own level for me. Of course I appreciate that, it makes me very proud, but I was sad. ”



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