Raiola is negotiating with another club for Gigio Donnarumma

In Spain, they are sure that the future of Donnarumma may not yet be at Milan. In fact, Raiola would be in contact with another club.

Gianluigi Donnarumma’s future should still be in Milan, even though the contractual deadline of 30 June 2021 is approaching and the renewal is late in arriving. We are waiting for developments shortly.

Donnarumma had 9 clean sheets this season the most in Serie A

In recent days, Mino Raiola has not unbalanced himself with regard to the future of the rossonero doorman. The well-known agent has been in contact with Paolo Maldini in order to reach an agreement on prolongation, but the parties do not seem to be close to his signature. Although Gigio wants to stay in Milan, it is normal that there may be doubts about this.

Todofichajes.com revealed that Paris Saint-Germain has not yet lost any hope of being able to hire Donnarumma. Leonardo has long been in contact with Raiola and is ready to support his economic demands. The agent wanted to take Gigio to Paris in the past: it was 2017 and in the end the contract was renewed.

Report from milanlive.it

It should not be excluded that Raiola is ‘using’ the PSG to obtain a better pay offer from Milan for the doorman doorman. This is a move that a number of public prosecutors are doing in order to remove better economic conditions for their own carers.

Although in Spain they write that there is a real possibility of Donnarumma moving to Paris, it seems to us very unlikely that Gigio will leave Milan as a zero parameter. It would be something truly shocks and would attract a great deal of criticism of him. The feeling is that the renew.


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