Criminal charges against BVB star Bellingham!

DFB control committee is investigating against Bellingham due to scandal statements about the referee Zwayer!

It’s about this Bellingham statement on Norwegian TV: “You give a referee who has already fixed games the biggest game in Germany. What do you expect?”

These statements have a bitter consequences!

bellingham statemens agaist the referee

BVB professional Jude Bellingham had referee Felix Zwayer criticized after the Bundesliga most important match between Dortmund and Bayern (2-3).

According to several informations, referee observer Marco Haase (volunteer for the DFB) has now filed a criminal complaint against the Englishman and referee Manuel Grafe

The DFB control committee is already investigating against Bellingham. In the worst case, this means that he is threatened with a subsequent ban!

Anton Nachreiner, the chairman of the DFB control committee, to BILD: “The control committee will examine the statement of the Dortmund player Jude Bellingham for their relevance to sports criminal law.”

Criminal offenses are therefore insult, gossip and defamation. According to Haase, these would also apply to referee Gräfe. Without which Bellingham “can not have made this statement from life experience”, it says in the criminal complaint.

He relates this to statements made by Graef in the past. Gräfe says of Zwayer: “Anyone who has ever accepted money and kept Hoyzer’s manipulation secret for six months should not whistle for professional football.”

Background of the harsh words: Zwayer had decided in the 77th minute after video evidence on hand penalty against Dortmund. Hummels got hold of the ball. Lewandowski then turned to victory.

Zwayer was involved in the Robert Hoyzer betting scandal in 2005. He was banned for six months, including because he once accepted a fee of 300 euros from Hoyzer, but has long been considered rehabilitated.

Borussia Dortmund’s manager defends his young star against WELT: “These are statements that were made in a highly emotional and disappointed situation. You certainly don’t have to do it like that, but Jude also names facts. We fully support the boys. “


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