Footage of Milan and Venezia fans having a battle at sea is craziest thing ever

AC Milan took on Venizia this weekend and their fans showed they really are an incredible bunch.

Across the board, no sport can boast a fan base quite as ruthlessly dedicated to their team and player of choice as football can.

For decades on end football fans have gone to extreme lengths to show their love for their beloved teams, from creative chants to stunning tifos, to tattoos galore

Each and every subset of fans would have good reason for claiming they are the greatest and in truth it would be hard to argue.

The atmospheres at some of the South American citadels of football are simply electric while the riot of noise and colour that follows African fans is simply unmatched.

However, it is in Europe, with the rise of the ‘Ultra,’ that fans take dedication to the next level.

Nowhere is that more on show than in Italy, where partisan groups of fans have been warring against each other for decades on end.

It isn’t always pretty either, with violence often creeping in as the banter turns to full on rage.

While each particular group of Ultras likes to think they are top dog, it would be hard to deny that AC Milan and their fans are possibly the kings of the castle.

Those very fans once again showed their notoriety recently when they became embroiled in a fierce battle with fans from Italian rivals, Venezia.

This was a spat with a difference though as the entire disagreement took place on two boats on one of Venice’s famous waterways

The scarcely-believable footage shows the two vessels, drenched in thick smoke, firing haphazardly erroneous flares at each other.

The battle, that would not look out of place in a war documentary, highlights just how far the Ultra will go to show their love for their team.
Unreal – it really does resemble a full on naval battle.


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