Premier League Top 10 most valuable players

It’s been an interesting season in the Premier League so far with Manchester United leading by three points against Liverpool for the title race.

According to transfermarkt these are the most valuable player’s in Premier League so far :

10Virgil van Dijk

The Liverpool defender is ranked 10 with a value of 80 Million € . He’s been missing the ground this season with an injury but still is valued as one of the best defenders of Premier League

9- Kai Havertz

Kai Havertz was supposed to be one of the gratest signing of the Premier League of the season but the German star have failed to impress at Stamford Bridge this season. He’s value as reported by transfermarkt is 81 Million € but if he continues with this form it will surely drop as he has’nt complete expectations untill now

8- Bruno Fernandes

Surely the gratest signing of Premier League this lasts season. One of the most in form players who’s had a huge cotribution in Manchester United first league place untill now. This guy is everywere contributing with goals and assists he has become the key player of Manchester United . Trasnfermarkt his value is 90 Million € .

7- Heung Min Son

The guy has been unbelivable for Tottenham Hotspur this season he became a key player at Tottenham and he’s partnership with Harry Kane is one of the deadlies parterships this season in Premier League. According to transfermarkt his value is 90 Million €

6- Trent Alexander Arnold

He’s undoubtly the best RB in Premier League his performaces gives Liverpool a huge boost. He’s consistent in defence and gives a huge boost in attack. According to transfermarkt his value is 110 Million €

5- Raheem Sterling

This season is not his best season at Manchester City thats why his value has dropped , but with his pace and dribbling Sterling can give much more for Manchester City. He’s value is 110 Million €.

4- Sadio Mane

Sadio Mane is proving that he’s a complete footballer he runs, he scores, he assists he can do everything Liverpool are very lucky to have this player by their side. Accordin to transfermarkt his value is 120 Million €

3- Harry Kane

He is surely the best striker in the Premier League and he has proved it over years. But this season he is proving to all critics that he’s a real leader with his 11 Goals and 11 Assists his numbers talk itself. His value according to transfermarkt is 120 Million €.

2- Mohamed Salah

The Egyptian has been outstading this season and he’s currently the Top Scorer of Premier League with 12 Goals . According to transfermarkt his value is 120 Million €

1- Kevin De Bruyne

And here is the first place the best Premier League player Kevin de Bruyne . This guy is just amazing he’s the brain of Manchester City he’s a real leader to his team with the ball at his feet you can expect magic. According to transfermarkt his value is 120 Million €


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