Zlatan Ibrahimovic the man that knows no age

Zlatan Ibrahimovic the man to reborn AC Milan

The Sweden striker is now 39 and for the vast majority of players who have played at the very top of the game over a long career retiring from a rigid training regime would be long overdue at such an age. But Ibrahimovic is playing at Milanthis season as if he had just entered the spring of his career.

According to Raiola, Ibrahimovic is far from finished. “I won’t let him stop playing until he has to get carried off the pitch on a stretcher. He can continue until his 50th, but he only wants to play at the highest level,” says the agent.

The numbers talk itself with Ibrahimovic scoring 24 Goals and assisting 7 times in 33 games. With Zlatan Ibrahimovic leading AC Milan to the first place on the league and with his two goals tonight he has now score 12 Goals in just 8 games in Serie A.


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