Dejan Kulusevski heading to Premier League on a loand deal

Look, far be it from me to get anyone’s hopes up, but things seem to be progressing nicely in Tottenham Hotspur’s pursuit of Juventus attacking midfielder Dejan Kulusevski. Both Fabrizio Romano and Alfredo Pedulla are now reporting that the negotiations are still continuing, but are in their “final stages,” with the deal expected to be, initially, a loan.

The hang-up appears to be the purchase part at the end of the loan — Tottenham wants it to be a purchase option, and Juventus wants it to be a purchase obligation.

Meanwhile, Pedulla suggests that while Juve is holding firm to the loan obligation idea, the price is likely going to be €30m plus a small loan fee, which seems perfectly fine and reasonable for a player like Kulusevski.

To my eyes, this doesn’t seem to be something that will likely keep a transfer from going through. Most likely, Spurs will haggle a bit on the actual price, maybe make the threshold for triggering the purchase obligation a little easier, something like that. Or maybe they’ll just take the obligation and pay it. I’m not worried. Everything seems to be going swimmingly, and it sure seems like the Swedish international could be the first player to join Tottenham during the Antonio Conte era.

Of course, that’s what you usually say right before the floor gives way, right? We’ll keep tracking this.


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