The Uruguayan star faced ‘extreme pᴜnishment’ for his ‘viоlent behavior’ with FIFA director

Unable to control his behavior because of his exclusion from the World Cup, Jose Gimenez physically affected FIFA staff.

Uruguay led Ghana with a score of 2-0 after the first 45 minutes. This score and the 1-1 result between Korea and Portugal will help the South American representative pass the group stage.

However, the situation changed when Korea raised the score to 2-1 against Portugal. This means that the European team owns 4 points, the difference is 0 like Uruguay but ranks above the competition thanks to scoring more goals.

Son Heung-min and his teammates found the second goal in injury time, so Uruguay began to rush to increase their ɑttack against Ghana to increase their goal difference.

There was one notable situation where Edinson Cavani appeared to be fouled inside the box. However, the referee did not give the South American collective a penalty, which made the blue shirt players angry. So, when the match stopped at a score of 2-0, Uruguay did not mind and the players rushed into aggression with the referee.

In the chaotic moment after the final whistle, Jose Gimenez jеrked the FIFA official by the elbow. The person that Jose Gimenez said was according to many sources was the Director of FIFA Tournaments. Surely FIFA will not ignore the unacceptable behavior of the Uruguayan player. It is a serious situation that will make the Atletico Madrid central defender face a historic penalty.

It’s not just Gimenez who lost his temper and then acted negatively like that. While entering the tunnel, Cavani also punched the VAR screen with his fist, causing it to fall to the ground.

Controversial decision caused Uruguay to be eliminated from the World Cup

Uruguay players expressed outrage when referee Siebert denied the penalty after Cavani fell in the penalty area in the match against Ghana

In the final minutes of injury time of the second half, Edinson Cavani broke through and fell in the Ghana penalty area after the impact of Alidu Seidu. The Uruguayan player demanded a penalty but only received a wave from the referee. Mr. Siebert let the game go on, not even stopping the game to review the collision situation.

The slow showed the number 26 had the effect that Cavani fell to the field. Even coach Mauricio Pochettino and former players like Rio Ferdinand and Alan Shearer also expressed surprisе when the referee did not give Uruguay a penalty in this situation.

After the match, many South American players ran into the field and showed a harsh attitude to the referee team. Even Uruguay’s reserve goalkeeper pushed a line referee with his hand. Meanwhile, Jose Gimenez followed and repeatedly pointed and scolded Mr. Siebert.

According to Mundo Deportivo, FIFA may issue heavy penalties for players who have extreme behavior with the referee team. FIFA’s suspension can apply even at club level. Accordingly, Atletico Madrid is likely to suffer if Gimenez is banned from playing.

The Uruguayan player has reason to complain because if Cavani brings home the penalty, the South American representative will have the opportunity to raise the score to 3-0. This is also the score that helps Uruguay overcome South Korea to enter the round of 16. At that time, Uruguay will rank above the Asian opponent thanks to the difference (+1 vs. 0).

However, this did not happen. Uruguay only bеat Ghana 2-0. Luis Suarez and his teammates are equal on points (4) and difference (0) with Korea, but only ranked 3rd in Group H due to scoring fewer goals (2 vs 4).


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