Top 10 biggest spending football clubs in the last 5 years

Who are the biggest-spending football clubs? Find out here as we give you the Top 10 biggest spenders in transfers over the last five years.

Despite the Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules in play, the biggest spending football clubs have still signed players on lavish fees. It’s a necessary measure to guarantee success in their eyes.

Unfortunately, this stance has caused transfer prices to rise to some insane figures. Only four years ago the idea of Manchester United spending €105m to re-sign Paul Pogba from Juventus seemed bizarre. But that world-record fee has since been shattered more than once.

Currently, the title of the world’s most expensive player belongs to Neymar following his €222m transfer to PSG in 2017. Considering today’s prices, though, it’s only a matter of time before someone breaks that record.

So given the absurd transfers in the past five years, we give you the Top 10 biggest spending football clubs in that period.


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